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[OOC] 4th Wall

This post is for non-polychromatic play. Hit me with dropped characters, unplayed characters, current characters that are ooc, or even your personal journal! Anything goes! Just put "4th Wall" in the subject so that I don't get confused. (I know the email notifications give what entry you're replying to, but I can be stupid. Best not to take chances.)


[3|TEXT] [4|VIDEO] [5|EMAIL]


six squints in the lab

I apologize for not filtering these; my Network device is having problems and garbles any text put behind a filter. Can anyone recommend a good computer technician?

Clow, thank you again for yesterday. I enjoyed myself.

Dr. Goldsmith, I stopped by the hospital earlier to speak with you and they said you never came in. I hope you're not ill. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

[ooc: Placeholder as I'm leaving soon for an audition. kla;dsdfj /flails forever]

five squints in the lab

I need riding gear.

[Filtered to Booth]

My apartment, seven o'clock.

four squints in the lab

A reminder to those that volunteered to participate in my study: many of you still need to schedule interviews with me. Please do so as soon as possible.

[Filtered from her Landlord]

I need pig food.

[ooc: Angela got her a piggy! His name is Lab. Sense a trend here? XD]

three squints in the lab

I apologize to everyone that volunteered to be part of my study; due to curses, I was not able to complete the work I needed to get done until now.

The next phase will be individual interviews, preferably in person but they can also be conducted over the Network if necessary. Please contact me to schedule a place and time. If anyone else is interested in participating, more information can be found here.

[Filtered to Zach//Viewable to Booth & Angela]

Zach, would you like to come over for dinner some time?

[ooc: EDIT: I need to do dishes and then I'm having a celebration dinner with friends, so I'll tag everyone when I get back later tonight. BACK. But OMG sleepy. /stuffed with delicious food]

two squints in the lab


My name is Dr. Temperence Brennan; I'm an anthropologist. I'm conducting a study on City culture.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this questionaire. This gives me the relevant background information on which I can base my work.

The QuestionaireCollapse )

Once I have collected enough subjects, I will begin my work. This generally consists of interviews and "shadowing" for a certain amount of time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to conctact me.


Your responses to this survey and any further information I may gather on you are strictly confidential, and will not be published with your name attached without your express permission.

By "family," I meant who are the members of your family that you spent a significant time growing up with. For example, did you grow up with your father and mother? Are you the youngest of three children or an only child? Were you raised by your grandmother? And so forth.

On a more personal note, can anyone recommend a good veternarian? I need to get my cat Jefferson fixed.

[Filtered to members of ARTEMIS]

Booth reminded me that I should introduce myself. My name is Dr. Temperence Brennan. I'm a forensic anthropologist. Like I said above. I'm gathering information on the deities.

It's very nice to meet all of you.

[Filtered to Hong Mei]

We need to talk.

[ooc: Fffft I AM NOT AN ANTHROPOLOGIST. /sobs forever If any of you actually are...I'm so, so sorry. xD;;; ALSO!!!: All survey answers are AUTOMATICALLY screened. Everyone's information is kept private. No hacking, plz.]

one squint in the lab

I'm looking for a man named Seely Booth. He works for the FBI -- the Federal Bureau of Investigations. I was told this was the place to ask.

[ooc: I'm nuts. Totally open for 4th walling.]